Thermoforming Equipment: UNIVERSAL Series – Savings in Euros

Thermoforming Equipment: UNIVERSAL Series – Savings in Euros

Through the application of circuits if dual power supply circuits of pneumatic actuators on the basis of the modern Air boxes connected according to  a cost-effective scheme , the consumption of compressed air by the Thermoforming equipment of UNIVERSAL series  has been reduced to 23%.

New pneumatic circuits allow to save on reducing energy consumption of compressors to several thousand Euros per year for each unit of this series.

We remind that the UNIVERSAL series include the following models:

- Model СТА-500М Universal. It has more functional capabilities due to the increase of the working field, a more powerful drive supply made by Mitsubishi company, long heating zone. This model comes in two variants: СТА-500М and СТА-500C (different configuration). СТА-500М model is supplied to the EU countries (Spain, Portugal) by our company.
- Model СТА-500СВ  Universal. It is an automatic thermoforming machine; this model is universal in terms of the range of products made of rigid plastics: glasses, cans, cake plates, salad bowls, plates, ice cream containers, egg trays. All theses products (and more) can be made by СТА-500СВ  Universal. To work with this model, you can use different rolling plastics: polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), oriented polystyrene (OPS), laminated PVC / PE, PET / PE.
- Model СТА-500ВПС Universal. This model allows  to apply the method of thermoforming of roll material PSVS (EPS) to get trays, pallets, pads of foam polystyrene, which are widely used for packaging of various foods, half-finished products.

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